Silk and Honey Moonrise Necklace

The art of lapidary and jewelry making lends to the use of many different materials, natural stone beads of all shapes and sizes are always an inspiration and come together in many of our creations.  This hand-knotted Silk & Honey Moonrise necklace is an elegant delight, shining the soft light of the full moon.  

The chiclet sized faceted honey moonstone beads come together in an ombre of colors from opal-moon to honeymoon, goldy-moon to pink moon, accented by a drop of creamy ocean blue agate. Embelished by cream-silver silk macrame and 14k gold-fill beads and toggle clasp, this is a delicate yet showy piece.  This one of a kind moonstone necklace will inspire a style all your own with the subtle dazzling beauty of the golden light of moonrise.   

Necklace hangs approx 18 inches long, approx. 36 inches around.