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all of the different obsidian pits throughout eastern oregon are unique for size, color and how hard of digging they can be.  all we knew about the silver sheen pit was that it produces big boulders which i can use to make sizable knife blades.  not knowing what to expect when we pulled up to the pits at 7:30 am we didn’t know how deep we would have to dig or how long it would take to score bigger sizes….  we walked and surveyed around the area for exposed boulders that people maybe walked away from looking for an “easy” score.  to no avail heather started to scratch around with a shovel and landed, within 10 minutes, a boulder that ended up weighing roughly 200lbs!  i ran to help her dig it out and to our amazement next to it was a boulder that was almost double in size!  a 350lb piece that took nearly 2 hours to uncover and retrieve!  im glad we work so well as a team.  note how these pieces came out of a hole at the surface the size of a suitcase!  imagine how much obsidian there must be if we kept going down…!




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