White Buffalo and Sterling Silver Ring 9.25

White Buffalo "Turquoise" is one of our shops specialties and definitely one of our favorite styles to cut.  We have practiced a long time to get it right and develop our own style. This White Buffalo and Sterling Silver Ring is cut from "old stock" raw rock that we sourced directly from the miner then cut and silversmithed here in our shop.  

This ring specifically showcases the amazing look of White Buffalo.  The stark black chert matrix sets off the bright white "turquoise" creating dramatic scenes and pictures in the stone. Quality White Buffalo is rare and it is definitely a worthy addition to your collection.  In the spirit of the Southwest, this unique stone is cut in a high dome style & lassoed into a sleek and stylized sterling rope border, with the rope design carried though to the band, this ring is one of a kind.

You should definetely add White Buffalo to your collection if you haven't already. If you have, than you know there is always room for more!                                       This is what lapidary art is all about.