Royston Boulder Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring 6.75

Boulder Turquoise is one of our shops specialties and definitely one of our favorite styles to cut.  We have practiced a long time to get it right and develop our own style. This Royston Boulder Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring is cut from raw rock that we mined and then silversmithed here in our shop.  

This ring shows off the amazing color spectrum of Royston Turquoise, sometimes it's hard to tell where the turquoise stops and the matrix starts. Turquoise can take on so many color variations based on the presence of different minerals in the rock. With more iron present the turquoise will have tones of reds and rusts mixing in seamlessly into the dark butterscotch to chocolate matrix or host rock of Royston. This stone is a beautiful example of this combination fading into hues of chartruese and tones of greens.  This supernatural neutral stone is set in a simple sterling border, this ring is one of a kind.

You should definetely add royston highgrade boulder to your collection if you haven't already. If you have, than you know there is always room for more =)      This is what lapidary art is all about.