April 28, 2020

About 25 years ago, Dean Otteson, a turquoise miner belonging to one of the most famous turquoise mining families in the world unearthed some of the finest deep blue turquoise the world has seen.  The turquoise had such a variety of colors in the turquoise and the matrix, (host rock), ranging from deep dark blue to deep green highlights and even slime greens to pure white hard colorless turquoise with black spiderweb and or dark brown web matrix.  From what i have seen, a lot of it had cracks in it, and i think this is due to when they were first discovering the original pocket they may have dynamited the turquoise on accident sending cracks into alot of the material.  So finding big pieces of this turquoise from the original deposit is actually really rare.  Our material was givin to us by Dean before he passed away, this mine was his baby and we just love every piece.  I call it, Deans Dream.  This piece is top grade ultra hard with so many things going on.  Extremely rare, it weighs 122 carats.  It will be sad to see it go but the woman who it is going to is in her late 80's and she fell in love with this stone upon seeing it.  She has loved turquoise her whole life and has quite a collection, she had never seen Blue Moon before.  I was honored to be able to make her a piece for her collection and i wanted it to be impressive and command that original southwest design.  Everything was made from 18 guage plate and 16 guage wire and weighs in at over 2.3 troy ounces of silver.  The chain is big sterling and weighs about a troy ounce by itself.  I am better at creating then i am at drawing so the drawing is more crude than the finished piece. Heather carved the feather, because feathers are her specialty, i bent it and soldered it.  Wonderful piece of southwest jewelry.  Thanks for reading.


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