May 26, 2020

One of the things that i loved the most as a kid growing up in northern [california], the karuk, shasta, hoopah tri county territory, was thunderstorms.  For some reason, albeit clear now, i was drawn to the force of the uncontrollable.  So many questions would be envoked by this shear energetic kinetic power.  So much disorienting noise, it is the only thing i could think about when it is happening, all of the sudden all of the things in my life that i felt were significant would melt away to a crack or a thrash of tree splitting lightning striike peeling open the seemingly distant sky that is now almost, touchable.  I loved feeling out of control not knowing what is going to happen next.  "Do I influence this storm by my presence?  Or am i who is influenced by it?"  I can't help to think that i am a part of this, but i also feel that if i walked away it would carry on without me.  Sounds like a clutch relationship.

I always wanted to live in the high desert plains of Apache, Navajo, Zuni, or Hopi territory, the desert is so alive and prestine.  We had both heard of the monsoons that happen for a solid 3 months out of the year.  The amazing clouds......  We wanted to live somewhere where you could see for a long ways in all directions so you can see storms develop.  Here, deep into Cochise and Geronimo territory, we witness some of the most amazing storms i have ever seen.  Everything is in motion, there is no stasis.  Stasis doesn't exist in the universe.  What we think we see in an "in-animate" object is actually electrons and other particles bouncing and moving around.  Raw energy decoded/encoded by my senses to be a static table or lamp.  It is the only one absolute truth, with no decimal point variables, nature is in a constant state of change.  I don't like change?  That's another way of saying i don't like nature because that is all nature is, the one word to describe nature well would be, change.  The monsoons that i came to live amongst, for me, have become like that of the eyes of the heavenly mother Nuith.  They are the windows into the soul of nature, they are windows into my own soul as the small reflects the large. Our favorite time of year is almost here, June 22 - September 22 ish, as the great monsoons begin and bring in the new year, the Sun enters Virgo and the seemingly static becomes blatantly charged with static. This is our television, and this television is incapable of lying.  Here come the monsoons, here comes the thunderstorms, here comes the cleansing, time to see what we are made of, as we see creation itself destroy only for the purpose of rebuilding.  Thanks for reading, enjoy the show....






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