Royston Ribbon Turquoise Butterfly Earrings

Boulder and ribbon turquoise is one of our shops specialties and definitely one of our favorite styles.  We have practiced a long time to get it right and develop our own style.  These Royston Ribbon Turquoise Butterfly earrings are cut from raw rock and then silversmithed here in our shop.  Set in sterling with sterling hooks these are one of a kind no two patterns are the same.  These stones specifically showcase the lighter brown side of the limonite host rock with in between aqua turquoise tones very nice lightweight design with a southwestern flair.  

Each earring is just bigger than the size of a dime.  

You should definetely add royston ribbon to your collection if you havent already and if you have you would know there is always room for more =)  This is what lapidary art is all about.