KN1044M Hand Made Hidden Green Obsidian Knife With Manzanita Handle

Overall length. 8.5" ; 21.5cm

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Hand Made Hidden Green Obsidian Knife With Manzanita Handle

Hidden green obsidian looks black at a distance but when held to the light it is a dark translucent emerald green and some of it even refracts velvet purple rainbow bands!  This material is very hard and high quality for being translucent.  This is some of the best obsidian i have ever chipped.  It is so consistent i have seen blades made from it the were over 24” long! There is only one place it comes from and that place is secret.  It hasn’t been dug in over 10 years and as far as i know there are only 2 people that have it, us and our friend who discovered it.  No obsidian looks like this and carries the same quality.  Get yourself a piece of this amazing material because guaranteed you won’t find blades made out of it anywhere else.  The handle is made from northern territory manzanita.  The manzanita that i harvest is on private property and it is dead.  Dead manzanita produces spectacular hard wood burls and dramatic red and brown color.  Over 100 strains of manzanita and not all are this dramatic.  This is my favorite handle material and is a specialty of mine.  The handle is rubbed with mineral oil, that’s it!  

Everything was made; quarried, cut, chipped, sawed and assembled, start to finish, here in South East Arizonak by Xutšu. For more information about all of these knife blades and the materials used please see the ‘obsidian knives’ blog section.

Domestic: all knives at this time are shipped in flat rate boxes orders up to 6 or 7 knives.

On all domestic orders.  There is a 15 day, ‘hard luck’ broken knife, return policy.  If it shows up broken or damaged please contact me asap with pictures and i will email a return label or on smaller blades, i might choose to ship a replacement blade it depends on what makes sense on the shipping costs verses the cost of the whole knife.  I am an artist and i have no problem honoring your request so please be honest.

International: These knives can be very expensive to ship around the world so at this time there is no hard luck rule on international shipping.  When you contact me for an order i will make sure to pack them very very well and leave it up to the gods.  If it is damaged when it shows up, please contact me with photos and i will treat every case individually.  No promises.

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*If you are a store and want a bunch of knives know that i have way more in stock than what i have on the site.  I also can fill orders so contact me if you want to order bulk.  The site exhibits examples of all the combinations that i am capable of creating.

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