Royston Ribbon Turquoise Crystal Oasis Macrame Necklace

Royston Ribbon Turquoise is one of our shops specialties and definitely one of our favorite styles to cut.  We have practiced a long time to get it right and develop our own styles. We try and think outside the box with some of our designs, inspired by the beauty of the natural untreated stones. This Royston Ribbon Turquoise Crystal Oasis Macrame Necklace is one of these inspirations. From raw rock we mined, hand cut and polished here in our shop. 

This Unique necklace beautifully shows off Natural Royston Turquoise in all its splender! Wrapped beautifully by our talented friend in an open back frame of pewter tone macrame to set off the natural beauty of the dome cut stone. The bright aqua blue tone turquoise with aqua green highlights, pools like an oasis in a  rich desert of crystalline matrix or host rock, deep in color and character creating a picturesque scene in the stone...  The large macramed pendant hangs freely on an adjustable pewter tone macrame cord and is quite the statement piece. It holds its' own whether you wear it alone or adjust it to hang long and layered with your other favorites, boho style. This unique necklace is absolutely a rare, one of a kind!

Macrame necklace cord measures approx. 16 inches and adjusts up to approx. 32 inches. Pendant measures 2.75 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. 

You should definetely add Royston Ribbon to your collection if you haven't already. If you have, than you know there is always room for more!                                    This is what lapidary art is all about.