Amber Africa Necklace

The art of lapidary and jewelry making lends to the use of many different materials. Leather and natural stone beads of all shapes and sizes, are incorporated into many of our creations.  The materials used in this hand hewn African Amber Necklace were sourced directly from the makers.

This simple necklace is inspired by the rustic beauty of raw and natural materials. The extra large raw amber beads stack together on sustainable brain-tanned leather lace with copper bead accents. The golden tones of amber and soft leather make for a subtle unique look.  Finished with a hand made copper ring and natural turqouise and copper charm for that little detail and interest in the back.  Just slip it over your head and go or layer it with your other favorites for a style all your own. 

Necklace hangs approx. 17 inches long and approx. 34 inches around